Everything I make is handmade to order for each individual customer. This means you can have any colour scheme's and designs!


All photos on this website are past customer orders - You can choose from these designs or create your own! For lots more photos check out the Facebook page by clicking here.


I supply the majority of items, (e.g, Phone cases, Fiat 500 Key Covers, Converse). However if you are within the UK you can send in your own items to be crystallised! I only use 100% Authentic Swarovski Elements (see Colour Chart page) or excellent quality sparkly Rhinestones - The choice is yours! As everything is handmade to order, prices will vary depending on the design.



You can contact me for a quote by filling out the Form on the Contact/Orders page, or emailing me directly sparklewithemily@hotmail.com


Please give as much information as possible when doing so, including:


- What you would like crystalising?

- Swarovski or Rhinestones?

- What colour crystals would you like?

- Whether you are within the UK or abroad?

I will need this information to give you an accurate quote.