As Sparkle with Emily is a bespoke service, customers within the UK are welcome to send in their own items to be crystallised. As all items are handmade to order for each individual customer, you can have any colour scheme/design and items can be personalised to your request. I can supply the majority of items, Fiat Key Covers, Phone cases, Key Caps, Converse, Light Switches, iPad/Tablet cases, etc, but if you would like to send in an item to be crystallised please email me: [email protected] for a quote. To give you accurate information I will need to know what you would like crystallising, (please include photos) along with how you would like it crystallising, (crystal colours, desisn ideas, etc). Other than Converse, I do not supply footwear such as heels, (because it's important you have tried shoes on before sending them to me, to determine the correct size/fit), but you are welcome to send in your own. Please note, I currently only offer this service (sending in your own items) to customers within the UK.


If you would like to place an order/send in your own items to be crystallised, please contact me via the Contact/Orders page, or email me directly [email protected]. Please add as much information about your request as possible, including:


- The item you'd like to order/send in, (if requesting to send your own item please include photos. E.g , if sending in your own car key please attach photos of the front and back).

- Whether you'd like Swarovski, Rhinestones, Pearls or a mixture? Please note, I crystallise customers own keys in Swarovski. If it's a case/cover I can crystallise it in Swarovski, Rhinestones or a mixture.

- An idea of colour schemes and design (if you have seen a design and would like the same or something similar please contact me directly and attach it to your email.


I will need this information to give you an accurate quote.