Audi, BMW, MINI, Vauxhall, VW, Ford, etc... If I cannot source a  case for your car model you are more than welcome to send in your own cover (if you can source one) or the key itself to be crystallised.


Below you will find lots of examples of customer orders for various car models, made with Swarovski, Rhinestones, Pearls or a mixture. In some, the key itself has been crystallised and others show removable key cases. You can find hundreds more images on my Facebook 'Sparkle with Emily' or Instagram @sparklewithemily. As everything is handmade to order for each individual customer you can have any colour scheme/design to suit you - either by taking inspiration from past customer order photos, or creating your own unique design.


Please contact me for more information, either via the Contact page here, Facebook page (Sparkle with Emily) or email: [email protected] - please include as much information as possible (i.e, your car model and photos of the front and back of your key).


For crystallised Fiat Key Covers, please click here.