Everything I make is handmade to order for each individual customer, so you can have any colour scheme's and designs to suit you!


All photos on this website are past customer orders photos (not stock items). You can choose from these designs, either keeping them the same or making changes to suit you, or you can create your own! For lots more photos check out the Facebook page by clicking here.


I supply the majority of items, (e.g, Phone cases, Fiat 500 Key Covers, Converse). However if you are within the UK you can send in your own items to be crystallised! I only use 100% Authentic Swarovski Elements (see Colour Chart page) or excellent quality sparkly Rhinestones - The choice is yours! As everything is handmade to order, prices will vary depending on the design.


Would you like to see some examples?


For FIAT KEY COVERS, click here.

For PHONE CASES, click here.

For CONVERSE, click here.

For OTHER ITEMS (including other car models), click here.


If you have any questions please check out the FAQ's page here. You can contact me for a quote by filling out the Form on the Contact/Orders page here, or emailing me directly [email protected]. Please give as much information about your request as possible, including:


- What you would like to order? (e.g iPhone 8 case, Fiat Key Cover, etc).

- Would you like Swarovski, Rhinestones, Pearls or a mixture?

- What colour crystals would you like? (If you have seen a design in my photos and would like the same or something similar please let me know.

- Whether you are within the UK or abroad? (If outside of the UK please include your location).


I will need this information to give you an accurate quote.